File JFCI: Substance Abuse Policy – Employees


Notwithstanding anything which follows, possession, use or distribution of alcohol and illicit drugs, by employees of M.S.A.D. No. 75, is prohibited on school premises or at any school activity. Nor shall an employee manufacture, distribute, dispense, possess, use or be under the influence of “bath salts,” any narcotic drug, hallucinogenic drug, amphetamine, barbiturate, marijuana, anabolic steroid; any other controlled substance defined in federal and state laws/regulations; any look-alike substance; or any substance that is represented to be a controlled substance. Disciplinary sanctions, which may include dismissal or referral for prosecution, will be imposed on employees who violate this standard of conduct. Compliance with the above standards of conduct is mandatory, and failure to adhere to the standards is a violation of this policy.
The Board of Directors of M.S.A.D. No. 75 recognizes employee substance abuse as causing both personal and professional problems, which are detrimental to both students and other employees, and which conflicts with the Board’s desire to provide a safe and effective environment. In keeping with that recognition and to the extent consistent with its other obligations, contracts, agreements and work rules, the Board of Directors will be supportive of employees who are making an effort to overcome substance abuse problems.
It is not the responsibility of M.S.A.D. No. 75 to diagnose substance abuse but rather, when an individual’s performance provides a basis to suspect such abuse, to make referral to individuals and agencies which can make such diagnosis and can recommend appropriate follow-up.
M.S.A.D. No. 75 will maintain the confidentiality of an individual’s medical records and will seek to maintain the confidentiality of affected individuals, in all other respects, to the greatest extent possible; however, concern with confidentiality shall not prevent any school official from conferring with administrators and other school officials as necessary. Confidentiality shall not prevent school officials from notifying law enforcement officials, as required, in the event of indications that an employee is violating the law.
In the event that substance abuse by a District employee is suspected, the following procedure will be followed:
1.  The individual suspecting abuse will discuss that concern with the building principal or other appropriate administrator.
2.  If the building principal or administrator believes further action is needed, the principal or employee will meet with the employee at which time a substance abuse counselor may be present.  Such counselors shall be licensed or registered substance abuse counselors.
3.  As a result of the meeting it may be recommended that the employee seek help from an appropriate diagnostic/treatment program.
4.   A suspected substance abuser may be required to provide evidence of having implemented the diagnostic referral and of carrying out any recommended treatment/rehabilitation program. Failure to provide such evidence may be considered grounds for disciplinary action and may lead to termination.
Individuals who suspect that they may have a substance abuse problem, or may be in danger of developing such a problem, are urged to voluntarily seek diagnosis and to follow through with a treatment/rehabilitation program as prescribed by qualified individuals.
In order to insure that all employees are aware that compliance with the standards of conduct is mandatory, a copy of the Substance Abuse Policy—Employees will be distributed to all current employees and to each new employee when hired.
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